Business Unit 1: Project Management Consultant

Contracts Management and Costs Optimization, drivers of Company profit

Contract Negotiation before placement of order, Schedule review and optimizations, Dispute negoziation rather then simple Company Cost optimizations are the basis of day to day activity which could lead a Company to big losses if not adequately managed.

Our team of experienced consultants works closely with clients to identify their specific needs, develop effective strategies, and implement sustainable solutions.

Whether it’s streamlining operations, optimizing resources, or improving overall performance, we offer tailored guidance to drive growth and success.







In a market context like the one we live in today, characterized by:

  • very high competitiveness (also at international level),
  • narrow margins
  • and sometimes constraints related to political/governmental influence (example: European policies on the quantities that can flow into the market, sales conditions and, to a lesser extent, other factors).

Corporate efficiency in terms of cost control (for day-to-day activities), as well as specific project management, plays a fundamental role in determining the success or otherwise of the company.

The objective of this Business Unit is to identify within the client company the growth opportunities hidden in cost management, supplier management, project planning and work scope management inefficiencies (desired or unintended variations in scope ).

All this will manifest itself with an increase in liquidity that the company will be able to use for:

  • Get more profits (higher contribution margins)
  • Support investments
  • Hire new resources/Talents.

In addition to the above, the client company will retain the know-how in terms of approach to the business, necessary to ensure continuous improvement and identify future opportunities.


Project and Business Mng Consultant: Our specialists have the skills to analyze the market and identify the best possible solutions on: Production, general expenses, human resources, private and public projects. Example: The incomplete works of the public administration deriving from inefficiencies in managing contracts and projects are evident before everyone’s eyes.

Contract Management: Through market surveys, our specialists will reduce the costs by identifying the best bidder and negotiating medium/long-term contracts for the benefit of the company (public or private). The same will be done for Main Contractors executing specific projects.

Quantity Surveyor: Quantification and qualification of the extra costs deriving from inaccurate or inefficient business management, as well as Independent Certification of the costs incurred during the execution of the project, to be issued in the event of a dispute with suppliers and customers. Normally required both during amicable negotiation and by arbitration or lawsuits.

Project Schedule Analysis: Analysis of project execution plans is a specific activity of Project Mng; supports the sworn statement and quantification of costs by assigning responsibilities. It can be developed as an independent certification to be issued in the event of a dispute with suppliers and customers. Normally required both during amicable negotiation and by arbitration or court cases.

Extra Costs and Claims imputation: Specific analysis of the contractual scope of work with identification of the deviations, quantification of the costs associated with them and attribution of responsibility for these deviations. This analysis can be issued as an independent certificate for use in friendly disputes as well as arbitration or litigation.

Contract Negotiation Consultancy: The negotiation and signing of the contract equipped with the appropriate mitigations that facilitate its management is the most efficient weapon to ensure the smooth execution of the project, such as to minimize the misunderstandings and interpretations that lead to the aforementioned disputes. Our specialists pay particular attention to the development of these aspects/themes.

Factory Production SET UP: our team offers the expertise and the competence to support customer with the set up of production facilities from Building location and layout, to LEAN production philosophy, to the equipment and automation design/implementation in line with the latest requirements of 4.0 Industry.


The execution of the Business and Project Management Consultant activity consists of the following 6 operational phases:

  • 1 Data collection activity assisted by the support of a customer representative. This activity includes the creation of a shared and agreed database from which to identify and track opportunities and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) over time.
  • 2 Issue of a shared and agreed report containing details of the various cost items and preliminary identification of possible areas for improvement.
  • 3 Feasibility study, specific analysis of the areas for improvement identified, optimization strategy and savings forecast (in the case of a project dispute, forecast of new opportunities).
  • 4 Online selection by the client of one or more areas to pay attention to and implementation of the optimization assisted by the support of the client structure (one or more resources from different departments).
  • 5 Issuance of a comparative report for the identification of the optimizations carried out and keep monitoring their performances for the following 12/24 months.
  • 6 In the case of consultancy on specific projects, Independent Reports will be issued for negotiation use in the event of a dispute (quantification of costs, work plans, allocation)


The Win to Win approach of ¨ Le Officine¨ guarantees maximum success with minimum expenditure.

The client will only have to pay for the initial study as well as the related reporting (and independent reporting in the case of project consultancy and disputes).


The customer can then decide whether:

continue with the implementation of improvements and monitoring assisted by the specialists of ¨ Le Officine¨ against payment only when the objective is achieved,

or whether to proceed independently with the implementation of improvements with related monitoring.

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