Business Unit 2: Energy Management

to make Planet’s health profitable

Energy Management is a key focus area at LE OFFICINE ME LLC. We recognize the importance of sustainable and efficient energy practices for all volumes of business

Our energy management experts, analyze current energy usage patterns, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop strategies to: reduce energy consumption, lower the costs, and enhance environmental sustainability.

By implementing energy-efficient technologies and promoting renewable energy sources, we help organizations meet their energy goals while minimizing their ecological footprint.







Energy management within any type of economic structure, which can be a company (from small to large) rather than the home of the ordinary citizen, is a spin off (derivation) of the more extensive concept of Business Management (contained in the BU1):

    Corporate efficiency in terms of ENERGY cost control, the use of company machinery at maximum efficiency, the exploitation of government subsidies to switch to the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources, rather than the mere negotiation of supply contracts with distributors of national energy (electricity and gas); also plays a key role in determining the success or otherwise of the company and its vision of future opportunities.

    The objective of this Business Unit is to identify the costs associated with energy within the client company in order to possibly reduce waste through changes and improvements of a technical-commercial nature.

    All this will manifest itself with an immediate increase in liquidity that the company will be able to use for:

    • Get more profits (higher contribution margins)
    • Support investments
    • Hire new resources/Talents.

    Cit. (Mario Tozzi) ”The sapiens understand sustainability when faced with economic opportunities”


    Analisys of energy performances: Our specialists have the skills to analyze energy costs, the way the plant operates and the solutions adopted in the field of water and waste treatment. Analysis of the above will allow the issue of a report containing the KPIs and improvement options

    Study of Operating Conditions: It often happens that plant operators, busy and dedicated to keeping the machines running, neglect the efficiency aspects of the same: operating pumps outside the best efficiency point, Turbo-generators at reduced load or not fully exploiting the cogen plants. and recovery available. Our Specialists intervene in this context.

    Implementation of Modification and Material Supply: Where possible, specific plant improvements and modifications can be studied and designed involving the use of different types of machines, the introduction of thermal and electrical systems of a solar/wind type. The whole supported by a feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis.

    Retrofit and upgrade of units to meet most advanced green technology (i.e. DLN systems) and last generation control systems: Our structure and national/international contacts allow us to face the market to obtain the necessary equipment at the best price. Our technicians do the rest for the implementation of the solutions accepted by the customer.


    The execution of the Energy Management Consultant activity consists of the following 5 operational phases:

    • 1 Data collection activity assisted by the support of a customer representative. This activity consists in the analysis of the energy resources used to operate the company as well as the plant, analysis of the existing contracts.
    • 2 Identification of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and issuing of a report containing the details and results of the analysis, together with the improvements and changes identified to increase the energy efficiency of the client. These improvements can be limited to suggestions for operating the plant more efficiently, rather than modifications of a technical/plant engineering nature to optimize consumption or implement alternative energy production plants (such as solar thermal). Possibly proposing solutions in line with the concessions in place during the analysis. Possible further optimizations of a contractual nature towards service providers.
    • 3 Feasibility study, design, supply and implementation of those improvements deemed interesting by the customer.
    • 4 Issue of a comparative report for the identification of the optimizations carried out. Monitoring for the following 12/24 months of the monthly performance of the optimizations carried out.
    • 5 Plant maintenance with supply of spare parts and services.


    • Energy cost analysis and identification of potential optimizations.
    • Sustainable optimization plan of the areas of interest
    • Availability of new liquidity for company growth projects
    • Transparency of execution of the complete work cycle
    • Remuneration of work for checkpoints.


    The Win to Win approach of ¨ Le Officine¨ guarantees maximum success with minimum expenditure.

    The client will find himself deciding for each step whether to continue with the implementation of the improvements and the monitoring assisted by the specialists of ¨ Le Officine¨ against the report issued, or whether to proceed independently with the implementation of the improvements with relative monitoring and maintenance.

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