Business Unit 4: Architectural Engineering

Integrated Architectural and Engineering Servicies for BIM Structural and Energetic Design

You can find our offices in Puglia and Basilicata, however we are available to offer our services throughout Italy. We have been carrying out

Architecture, Civil and Construction Engineering services for years. Respect for deadlines, ability to interface with the public administration, precision in the development of our projects and remarkable communication skills, allow our customers to take advantage of the best engineering service,

always aware of project’s progress and without unwanted surprises.







    The ultimate goal of our projects is the improvement of

    customers comfort in their homes, synergy with the means offered by nature to reduce energy consumption, cleanliness and simplicity of the lines, light, color scheme and selection of natural materials are the strong point of our architecture.

    To this is added an accurate design of the systems for a perfect design in bioclimatic and sustainable construction.

    We offer services and consultancy on both new construction projects and renovation projects.


    Design (BIM): Feasibility studies, Concept design, Preliminary design, Application development, Definitive design, Detailed design

    Technical Consulting: Inspections, Design audits, Structural engineering, Diagnosis (FIRMA) and energy requalification, Thermographic inspections, Aerial photogrammetry with drone, Testing Structures and Plants

    Design Technologies: Digital implementation, Foto Rendering e Video Rendering

    Management and Planning: Design Management, Project Management, Safety Management, Works Supervision, Administrative practice management, Cadastral management, Procurement management, Predictive maintenance, Data analysis, Work management


    Our design and construction management team works in a multidisciplinary way to offer the maximum completeness to offer the best completeness of complex project’s realization. Everything is achieved by placing the customer and his needs at the center of our attention.

    The customer is involved throughout the project life cycle, from design to management. To do this, LE OFFICINE professionals use the latest generation design tools such as: Building Information Modeling. This technique is also recognized and promoted internationally by the European community; in fact, the BIM methodology is recognized as a tool to improve transparency in the construction of public works. The multi-dimensional building models allow designers to filter the various project phases and the customers or constructors to have a view on foreseen difficulties which could be preventively solved by using different designs and approach. With this approachfor example it is possible to anticipate: structural construction phases, engineering plants, finishes. It is also possible to simulate the maintenance tasks and relevant possible troubles.


    LE OFFICINE offers structural and plant design (HVAC, DHW, solar thermal, photovoltaic and hydraulic and electrical systems) of new and to be restored civil and industrial complexes in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.

    The staff of LE OFFICINE deals with the design of structures in steel, wood and reinforced concrete. It has a wide range of software tools and equipment to the advantage of the final quality of the product.

    Although our offices are located in Puglia and Basilicata, we operate throughout the country. Furthermore, the company’s presence in the EMIRATES allows it to export Italian design and ideas, so much appreciated abroad.

    Our Way to work defines and improve project details during design phase with obvious advantages in terms of times and costs of implementation.


    Wide presence in the area: Our team is present in ITALY and UAE.

    Multidisciplinary team: Our team is able to follow and develop complete construction and civil engineering projects for private individuals and public administration.

    Over ten years of experience: La nostra esperienza pluriennale è garanzia di assoluta serietà e professionalità.

    State-of-the-art tools: Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art energy and structural calculation and diagnosis tools, through programs that use the BIM digital information system. We are equipped with diagnostic equipment such as thermo-scanners, lasers, drones.

    Our most recent projects